Today I present to you ... Angela

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Marco, describe us Angela. How did you create it this year?
Angela is the real moccasin of the collection, with a classic shape and a masculine cut, an important pan, a rotated sole with visible stitching, a timeless metal bracket: silver or brass, depending on the color variants.

In which detail is the difference?
Already, the colors: it is their super chic combination that gives glam notes to the driest and most rigorous model of this spring. 3 combinations, each with 3 nuance in the wake of colder shades of blue or warmer than powder, or sage.
WOW, how beautiful! Angela knows of spring and lightness. A small work of art, do you agree?

How to wear her?
Have fun playing with color outfits, follow the trail of the combinations that dress Angela: the cream of a shirt, the taupe of a leather nail, the mauve of a soft jeans that leaves the ankle exposed. Hiding Angela: a sacrilege;)

In how many colors have you studied it?
3 alternatives, all with cream tub on which rotate the color combinations that Marco has chosen with care and imagination.

  • The classic blue marries with the poetry of the mallow
  • The taupe is even more sophisticated when combined with sage
  • The powder pink warms the rigor of leather.


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