Today I present to you ... Emily

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Marco, describe us Emily. How did you create it this year?
Sober and gritty, classic and brand new, Emily is perfect at any time of the day, on any occasion - from leisure to work, from evening to weekend. It will keep you company throughout the season, we are certain;)
And then, what about the sock with visible collar that pops out from the leg? In the black version, the diagonal cut is matched, in the red version it confirms the play of contrasts between colors and proportions.

In which detail is the difference?
The upper: higher in front and slightly shorter in the back, reveals the visible sock with a fine lurex texture. And the zip, only aesthetic element: we have a soft spot, for the zips.

How to wear her?
If you feel more rock, choose the red version and play with a short skirt, an opaque sock, a soft and super feminine blouse. All strictly black. Red lips will be the only color concession: Emily doesn't like distractions.

In how many colors have you studied it?
Super rock the red tassel in contrast with the plateau black, zipper and sock. The total black version is more sober and calm, for an effect in continuity: all the elements speak the same color, it is only a subtle game between different materials.


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