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Today I present ... Serena

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Marco, describe us Serena. How did you create it this year?
Not too high on the leg, irresistible in its rock & glam mix.
The super sports rubber base is finished (and refined) by small studs applied to the welt. The eyelets continue the run and rediscover decoration: useful and futile, what a passion!
The zipper is there, not used, but it is seen! Because it does not serve as a hinge, it refines the profile and gives a nod to a more metal mood.
And then the tongue: it comes out and looks, proudly shows off the rhinestone pavé that dresses it entirely. And, once again, it becomes an element for the sock that turns into a decoration with a super glam touch.
There is no doubt, versatile and cool, Serena is the seasonal passepartout.

In which detail is the difference?
Reinforced toe and heel, to emphasize the soul and character of a true amphibian.

How to wear her?
Focus on Serena's feminine soul and choose a silver longuette with a thousand sequins, softened by a black mini pullover. The touch that makes the difference? A satin ribbon instead of simple string. And a freshly glittered sock. Very modern, chic, rock!

Go take a look at serena!


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