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In recent years, sneaker has become the most desired shoe in the wardrobe: not just a comfortable, versatile, trendy piece, but a shoe fashionable

Innovative materials, original colors, soles protagonists… A model that has really evolved in recent years. In short, the sneaker is now a must!

So why not launch one completely new one, absolutely new, with a super super mood a super super precious mood. We released all our creativity, and in a few weeks Martina was born, of which we are really very proud: it's just as we imagined it!


WOW, did you see how beautiful ?! Our brand new chunky** is an explosion of grit and bon-ton. 

How did we do it? Clothing her with  laminate and choosing a super-sophisticated color palette super sophisticated: gunmetal or the new Africa (between green and brown, almost chameleonic), shades that become WOW in the laminate!

And then we indulged ourselves with a thousand other precautions:

  • super worked and decorated upper
  • play of seams, carryovers, overlaps: what sinuous lines!
  • very light bottom, very comfortable even at home
  • non-slip sole
  • silver or platinum eyelets, it depends on the version: you know we have an eye for even the smallest details ...

Come on, isn't that crazy? It really is a highly tempting gem. WOW, WOW, WOW!

*Chunky is the sneaker with a maxi, high and flared sole, proudly oversized. A must!

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