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La nostra amata lace-up

Oh, quel derby!

Le varianti femminili di un must hanno: lace-up con stringhe o zip!

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Siamo davvero


Dove è nato un marcomoreo!


Intendiamo quello vero, questo signore nella foto.Sì, perché il March prende il suo nome (e cognome).E'un chiacchierone, e ci dice un po' di se'stesso qui.

Puoi conoscere Marco!


La nostra newsletter è nata con il blocco nel 2020 (almeno con l'immaginazione che potevamo portarti in giro per l'Italia), è diventata un appuntamento con Marco e il suo umore.Decine di fermate, sia famose che non, sono trasformate in un diario di arte, natura, cibo, vino.Un viaggio ideale, faccia a faccia con Marco.Questo non si è ancora fermato;)

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Goditi le nostre immagini più iconiche.

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Che cosa dici di noi?


MarcoMoreo fornisce un set aggiuntivo di solette imbottite e che Ho risolto il mio problema. (Ho un metro e mezzo più piccolo).


Il mio primo paio di BREVE da TU e loro vint&35;x27;to be l'ultimo: incredibile e molto confortevole!La nuova collezione sembra così Magnifico.


La mia coppia è venuta oggi e Oh mio Dio!
Sono incredibili e io comprerò un secondo paio!



La mia scelta di grandezza era troppo grande: ho usato le solette che hai mandato.

Sono perfetti!


Molto felice con il qualitàGuarda, guarda. frescoLi adoro e comprero'un altro modello.

5 stelle da me ❤️❤️❤️

A Jane.

La vestibilità è perfetta (ho seguito la guida del dimensionamento sul sito web), e io Adoro il colore (rosa)!


Domande frequenti

If you have any doubts, the Size chart (the black button under the name of each model) has a converter for European, UK and USA sizes.

And if you want to be even more sure, you can measure your foot: the Size chart has all the instructions, and all you need is a piece of paper and a ruler.

In a sense, yes! Each Collection presents our carryovers – the styles that are always favorites and most requested – but interpreted in a brand-new way: the style doesn’t change, but the materials, combinations and applications do. 

So if you absolutely adore something, make sure to get it now because, after all, it’s basically a limited edition.

This is the easiest answer: worldwide! ;)

That depends on where you want to ship to – we are working on an infographic for geographic areas. In the meantime, you can find out the shipping cost while making a purchase, before reaching the final payment step of course – we hate unpleasant surprises too ;)

We pay for the duties of goods shipped to the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK: no surcharges are applied to the shipments. 

In general, our policy is to avoid making you have to pay additional costs beyond the shipping, of course while complying with local regulations that can change and which we try to transpose as quickly as possible. 

We would love to be able to meet every need, but managing exchanges for online purchases is quite complicated, and since we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep, we prefer to be honest. 

So, what can you do? If your MarcoMoreo shoes haven’t met your expectations, we ask you to go ahead with the return and then make a new purchase if necessary. But let’s hope it doesn’t come down to this ;)

If you have left your purchase waiting in your shopping cart, we always recommend double checking the current availability of the size and model: your choice may no longer be in stock. 

Do you know what we say in Italy? Any item left is lost ;)

Before you complete your purchase, always do one last check: human intelligence is even better than artificial intelligence ;)

Read the order confirmation you receive via email: if you notice anything is incorrect, the sooner you report it to us, the greater our chances of resolving the issue.

Read our returns policy. Here it is!

Always use the same email account: your reference information (email and delivery address) must always be the same, otherwise some details could become jumbled (and the courier won’t have your correct addresses).

Disable commercial email blocking, or always check your Spam folder: post-purchase communications can occasionally end up there.

You have two options:

If the style is one of our best sellers, you can still purchase it in preorder mode: in a few weeks you’ll receive your MarcoMoreo shoes made specifically for you. 

For the other styles, you can sign up for a Notify-me alert via email and you’ll be notified if your size comes back in stock. 

Preorder: you can preorder and purchase our best sellers even if they are not available when you order them: they will be made specifically for you and arrive at your home in a few weeks or so.

Notify-me: if you leave us your email address, you will be notified if the selected size and style come back in stock, at which point you can proceed with the purchase.

It’s so easy! Make your purchase normally, then, at the time of payment, choose the Preorder option, basically as if it were a payment method.

Do you see the flag at the bottom right? Just click on it and the drop-down menu lets you choose between euro (EUR), dollars (USD) and pounds (GBP).

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Our customer care team speaks English, Spanish and, of course, Italian ;)

Just one favor please: when you write to us, always use the Latin alphabet. Otherwise the special characters automatically transform letters into incomprehensible sequences. Thank you! is our most well-stocked store. But you can also find us in select stores, especially in Ireland. 

To find out where, write to us at or on our Facebook and Instagram profiles: we do everything we can to respond as quickly as possible (taking into account the time zone: we respond from Italy, of course).